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Ultrasonic Homogenisers Application Guide

The ultrasonic homogeniser’s method, in other words the direct application of ultrasonic power to the sample, has proven its worth as a complement to the old, familiar, laboratory ultrasonic baths, which have proven themselves in practice for decades. Foodstuffs, soil, waste, nanoparticles, materials, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microbiology, life sciences and chemistry are just some of the fields in which the ultrasonic homogeniser, manufactured by BANDELIN since 1964, is already in use.
Whenever the task involves

  • homogenising, suspending, emulsifying
  • sample preparation for analysis
  • disagglomerating, extracting
  • cell and tissue disruption, or
  • sonochemistry,

the use of the ultrasonic homogeniser is of interest as long as a liquid medium is available.

Click here and download the third edition of BANDELIN Ultrasonic Homogenisers Application Guide. This guide has been produced in response to customers’ suggestions and for the benefit of existing and potential customers. And not only that: it has also been compiled in cooperation with BANDELIN’s customers. Users report on their practical experiences and make available the method parameters that they have employed successfully. Last but not least, this third edition includes the experiences and knowledge collected in our ultrasound application seminars, in which we delved into the world of ultrasonics with theory and practice reports. The discussions and practical applications using the participants’ samples resulted in an array of new experiences for the successful application of the devices.
How can the devices be used successfully, how can they be optimally integrated into existing processes and what product features and information are important to users?