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Trace Metal Analysis of Commercial Pet Food for Toxic Metals by ICP and ICP-MS

The pet food recalls of 2007 increased awareness of the inadequate testing of ingredients in the pet food industry. Pet food is a multi-billion dollar a year business divided into four or five large corporations which produce 80% of US pet food and smaller premium or gourmet pet food companies which produce the remaining 20%.
The quality of many of the ingredients used for pet food is often considered to be inferior or unfit for human consumption. “Premium” brands claim to have superior ingredients and quality. Claims of the quality of premium ingredients do not offer data as to the potential toxicity of elements which may be found in those ingredients. The purpose of our study was to examine pet foods from various sources to determine if they contained potentially toxic elements and if higher quality ingredients equated to less toxic elements present in the food.
This study is not a comprehensive study of all potential contaminants found in pet foods. The random samples tested were deemed to be snapshots of the overall levels of toxic elements that could be consumed by pets.

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