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Total Carbon and Total Organic Carbon determination in Sludge

Total Carbon and Total OrganicCarbon determination in Sludge
with CN802 Carbon Nitrogen analyzer
ISO 10694: Soil quality – Determination of organic and total carbon after dry combustion (Elemental analysis).
UNI EN 15936:2012: Sludge, treated biowaste, soil and waste – Determination of total organic carbon (TOC) by dry combustion.
Tested with VELP Scientifica CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer (Code F30800090)

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Sewage sludge generated from wastewater treatment plants are being merited greater attention in light of their
potential for improving soil properties and for providing important nutrient and trace element supplements that are essential for plant growth.
The Total Carbon “TC” could be divided into Total Organic Carbon “TOC” and Total Inorganic Carbon “TIC”, that are the concentrations of the total carbon in organic and inorganic compounds, respectively.
TOC determination is important because high levels in soils prevent the anaerobic digestion process and limit the subsoils nitrogen enrichment.
The performance of the VELP CN 802 was evaluated by participating in the Proficiency Testing program organized by WEPAL (Wageningen Evaluating Programs for Analytical Laboratories).
Samples of sewage sludge were analyzed using the CN 802 and the results obtained (as % Nitrogen) were compared with the statistical range accepted by WEPAL.

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