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Tosoh Tuesday – How to reduce costs of fragment capturing

Some of the latest promising biopharmaceutical developments rely on antibody fragments. Antibody fragments are either separate functional subunits of antibodies or recombinant molecules, which, just like antibodies, are composed of immunoglobulin domains. They offer several therapeutic advantages over conventional monoclonal antibodies. The biopharmaceutical industry also shows interest in fragments thanks to easier upstream processing. Recombinant-based antibody fragments can be modified to meet specific needs in terms of affinity, avidity, valence, and action mode. Furthermore, they can be produced in prokaryotic cells (e.g., E. coli), making the upstream process more manageable and cheaper. On the other hand, downstream processing poses some challenges.

In this webinar, Tosoh Bioscience’s chromatography expert Jonas Wege will guide you through the current antibody fragment landscape before sharing the optimized Protein L capture method he developed in Tosoh’s application laboratory in Griesheim (Germany).

Save the date: March 23, 3-3:45 pm
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