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Tips to develop discrete analyzer methods to detect Nutrients

Tips to develop discrete analyzer methods to detect nutrients

10:00 London | 11:00 Berlin | 13:00 Dubai

In this webinar, Reg Godwin, an Environmental Applications Specialist with ThermoFisher Scientific, will explore the challenges presented by environmental matrices and how we can develop and optimize high throughput and reliable methods to detect nutrients using discrete analyzer systems.

Nutrient pollution is a growing global problem, with Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) levels affecting water bodies and biodiversity worldwide. Analysis of N&P, along with other nutrients, is essential to monitoring and understanding environmental impacts and improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes. However, water and wastewater are complex sample matrices, and traditional methods for screening for nutrients are labor intensive, require manual preparation of hazardous reagents and are prone to error.

Learning points:

-Top tips for developing a new discrete analyzer method for environmental samples

-How to optimize your discrete analyzer method for large sample numbers

-How can I transfer my current methods from older instruments

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