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THERMO Scientific Webinar | Pesticide residues analysis by LC-MS

Save the date: Thursday, April 07, 2022, 11:00 AM CEST

Dual-channel liquid chromatography- an easy way to improve the productivity in contract testing laboratories. Productivity and turn-around-time is a crucial requirement for a pesticide residues laboratory. In this webinar we take an interesting approach to speed-up the turn-around time by the use of two independent pumps and two columns so demonstrating how to increase throughput of pesticide residue testing in food, using UHPLC-MS dual channel chromatography.
Presenter: Łukasz Rajski, Product Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Who should attend:

  • Lab managers and analysts that have analytical challenges when testing food and beverages
  • QA/QC and research laboratories that want to keep up to date and also be ready for future challenges
  • Lab leaders who want to leverage the full analytical potential of their analytical instrumentation


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