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Thermo Scientific HPLC & UHPLC columns

Solve your separation challenge with your new favorite column. Bringing you Thermo Scientific Accucore, Acclaim, and Hypersil GOLD premier HPLC and UHPLC columns, which feature:

High resolution, high pressure UHPLC and HPLC columns
A 40-year legacy of innovation
Unmatched variety of chemistries, particle sizes, and column formats
From the most popular C18 phases, to innovative mixed mode chemistries, we have the right column for your separation needs
Long lifetime and reproducible
The broadest range of solid core columns on the market

Accucore – Solid core for high resolution
Fast separation on limited sample volume
Increased sensitivity using standard HPLC
High resolution without elevated backpressure

Acclaim – Fully porous for complicated samples
Complex mixtures
Higher resolution
More phases, more choices

Hypersil GOLD – Fully porous for simple samples
Great starter columns
Fast method development
Great for general analyses

DOWNLOAD NOW our Premier columns guide and learn more about your options. This is a great tool to know and compare columns:
Overview column chemistries
Column comparison chart
Solid core versus fully porous supports
Pore size versus surface area
Quick guide to choosing a phase
Plus, ordering information