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Peptide mapping is a critical step during biotherapeutic characterization. The so-called “bottom up” characterization of biologic drugs by protein digestion to their constituent peptides is necessary to ensure a full sequence coverage of the biopharmaceutical molecule.
From drug discovery and development, through the clinical testing phase and on to bioproduction and QA/QC, peptide mapping remains a key analytical methodology. We offer a unique combination of innovative technologies in a start-to-finish workflow that is designed to be fast, reliable, reproducible and easy to use.

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Upgrade your maps for faster, more reliable peptide mapping

Peptide mapping is a core analytic in biotherapeutic development. Yet it is slow, involves painstaking sample preparation, and is prone to errors. Let us guide you through the rough terrain of peptide mapping and upgrade you with a better solution, wherever on the map you are.

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Peptide mapping workflow

Step 1. Protein digestion
Fast and reproducible standardized protein digestion
A significant advance in sample preparation for biopharmaceutical characterization; Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Kits utilizes immobilized trypsin for fast and simple protein digestion with high reproducibility, high sensitivity, and superior data quality in a format that’s compatible with automation.

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Step 2. Peptide separation
High resolution reversed-phase peptide separations

Thermo Scientific Acclaim VANQUISH C18 UHPLC columns are recommended for peptide mapping of biotherapeutic proteins, offering excellent separations and helping to ensure sharp peaks. These columns feature an ultrapure silica substrate with extremely low metal content to minimize tailing effects and deliver symmetrical peak shapes.

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Reproducible, easy-to-use UHPLC
The new Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC platform offers the ultimate in biocompatible state-of-the-art binary or quaternary solvent blending. The Vanquish Flex platform is designed to deliver new benchmarks in accuracy, precision, and sensitivity in peptide chromatography. With rock steady retention times, you can be confident in the identity of every peptide in discovery, development and QC environments.
Seamless compatibility with both DAD, VWD, and mass spectrometric detection and fully compliant Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software makes this the UHPLC system of choice for your entire drug pipeline.

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Step 3. Peptide mass spectrometry
The gold standard in peptide analysis

One mass spectrometer for peptide mapping and intact characterization. Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometers add superior denatured and native MS intact analysis and subunit top/middle-down analysis capabilities to one of the most powerful benchtop peptide mapping instruments available. When combined with Thermo Scientific BioPharma Finder software it provides a complete integrated hardware and software solution for biotherapeutic characterization.

Step 4. Peptide mapping software
Integrated bottom-up analysis and intact mass characterization

Save time and identify more with Thermo Scientific BioPharma Finder integrated software. Simple software workflows guide you along the biotherapeutic characterization pathway, providing full coverage including peptide sequence verification and identification of all variants and modifications.

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Compliant LC & LC-MS software
Streamline your laboratory workflow using Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. This software delivers superior instrument control, automation, and data processing for compliant GxP biopharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC environments.
Run your routine UHPLC, or LC-MS peptide mapping analyses in an enterprise environment—from method creation to final reporting.

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