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The New MULTI-TX5 Digital from VELP Scientifica | Your innovative solution for Multi-Tube Vortex mixing

Several applications in the laboratory require stirring and many different types of lab equipment are available to perform stirring and mixing tasks.
VELP is a trailblazer in stirring equipment and keeps innovating to meet any laboratory demands, even the most challenging ones. This is the case of the brand-new MULTI-TX5 Digital, the exclusive digital multi-tube vortex mixer with a unique design for high sample throughput ensuring maximized operating comfort for mixing applications requiring different test tubes.

Outstanding performance and versatility for your mixing tasks
The MULTI-TX5 Digital is the versatile and compact vortex mixer for all the multi-tube mixing tasks as it stirs solutions from 100 up to 2500 rpm thanks to the powerful brushless motor.
Vigorous as well as gentle mixing is supported with premium performance making the MULTI-TX5 Digital ideal both for microbiology tasks and R&D or quality control in diverse industries like pharma, cosmetics, food & beverage, and chemicals.
The MULTI-TX5 Digital supports various foam racks for different vortexing tubes being an extremely versatile multi-tube vortex mixer to emulsify, disintegrate, mix, or homogenize samples. Typical applications include suspensions, genotyping, DNA and RNA Testing.

Maximized comfort and simplified operation for enhanced productivity in the lab
With the MULTI-TX5 Digital, you can perform any mixing tasks and then change the foam rack for your next application in just a few simple steps. Manual operations are streamlined thanks to the exclusive design allowing you to remove the plate or hold it on the longer shaft.
The structure of the new MULTI-TX5 Digital is carefully designed for outstanding comfort, maximized resistance, and minimized footprint over the bench.
The control panel is easily accessible and extremely intuitive. Set and monitor the stirring time and the stirring speed thanks to the handy knobs and the bright easy-to-read double digital display.
Some exclusive and extremely advanced features optimize unattended operation:

  • Built-in timer to meet your lab workflow
  • Pulse mode to add further agitation to the mixing process
  • Continuous mode with displayed time counting up
  • Auto reverse of the stirring direction that ensures enhanced mixing capabilities
  • Intermittent mode programs for enhanced programming of unattended operations

The Safety Lock feature avoids any possible alterations of the working conditions or unintentional modification of the settings in order to meet all the Labs safety standards.

Download the leaflet to learn more about the new MULTI-TX5 Digital multi-position vortex mixer