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SOLA SPE Products – Increased workflow efficiency

Thermo Scientific SOLA products are designed for bioanalytical and clinical research analysts who are tasked with providing high quality analytical results from complex biological samples in a high throughput environment, while complying with strict legislation. These demands are compounded by the continued push to higher efficacy drugs and long acting formulations which continue to drive sensitivity requirements to lower levels to enable accurate quantification.

Increased workflow efficiency
With traditional SPE the eluted sample is typically dried down to increase the concentration of the sample and thus improve the sensitivity. This causes an issue for certain compound types which can be lost during this step, resulting in reduced sensitivity.
SOLAμ allows the sample to be extracted without the need for dry down and reconstitution. Not only does this maximize recovery of the analytes it also improves workflow efficiency and increases productivity.
In the case of extraction of ibuprofen a four-fold pre-concentration was achieved without the need for dry down by loading 200μL of sample onto the SOLAμ plate and eluting in a total of 50μL. The results demonstrate that even with this low elution volume, excellent reproducibility was achieved.

THERMO_SOLA_Workflow efficiency_01

THERMO_SOLA_Workflow efficiency_02

For more information about SOLA SPE Products watch the video below: