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Sieve Shakers Suitable for any Bulk Material

Retsch’s line of sieve shakers is the most comprehensive offering with regards to sieving motions, measuring ranges and sieve diameters, thus covering virtually any bulk material – from agglomerating powders to solid rocks.
Two models have recently been added to the range:
The vibratory sieve shaker AS 200 control has been further optimized and can now be equipped with up to 10 sieves. New features include the storage of up to 99 sieving programs as well as USB connection for used of EasySieve evaluation software. The AS 300 control for sieves with a 300mm diameter is now also available in the new design and with additional features.
The new sieve shakers are easily and conveniently operated via the clearly structured keypad. Thank to optimized control and vibration decoupling, the machines run very quietly. Retsch’s vibratory sieve shakers are the products of choice when it comes to reliable and standard-compliant particle size analysis.
Retsch also offers the EasySieve evaluation software which automatically controls the measurement and weighing procedure from the registration of the weight of the sieve up to the evaluation of the data. The software is also available as a CFR compliant version.

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