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SARS-CoV-2 Research and COVID-19 Diagnostic Solutions

Thank you to all who are diligently working on the front lines as we, a global community, fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical research is working hard to find effective therapeutics such as antiviral drugs including vaccines, peptide inhibitors, nucleoside analogues and monoclonal antibodies. Others are developing in vitro assays for research and clinical testing. BioTek is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer of microplate readers, washers, dispensers, automated microscopes and imagers. These instruments help to accelerate and automate the processing of thousands of samples. Here you will find information on the solutions BioTek provides that can be used for COVID-19 related research and diagnostics.



Serological testing
PCR master mix dispensing

General Virology Applications

Viral Growth/Titration
Viral Replication Kinetics
Viral Detection

Therapeutic Development

Vaccine Development
Humoral Response
Antivirals/Small Molecules

Cellular Host Response

Cellular Tropism
Cellular Immune Response
Soluble Immune Response
Cell Death Detection & Modality

Animal Models of Infection

Soluble Immune Response
Cellular Immune Response


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