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SamplePrep Solutions for Medical & Recreational Cannabis Testing

SPEX SamplePrep is an industry leader in Sample Preparation products for the Cannabis Industry. Their Homogenizers, Grinders and Cryogenic Mills provide reliable, reproducible results with no cross contamination. They have the expertise and equipment to help startups and established labs.
SPEX SamplePrep understand the Cannabis industry and the challenges involved. Testing the potency and pesticide residue in cannabis products is very important and mandatory. SPEX SamplePrep products help labs apply the preventative measures that protect patients seeking safe and effective medication. Their goal is to provide the tools that allow you to produce high quality products that are safe.
Watch the video showing how the Freezer/Mill®, a powerful cryogenic mill, grinds Cannabis infused edibles for testing. Rice krispies treats, gummy treats and hard candy are turned to an analytical powder in minutes. It’s the ideal tool for testing the quality of edible Cannabis products.