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Run your LC system unattended

Ιf your target is achieving 24/7 productivity without manual intervention, you have probably chosen to feed your system by integrating a robot in your lab. The robot would be able to pick up your samples from a stacker or – in the most advanced scenario – to take samples out from a refrigerated store.

Shortly you will soon realize that your actual autosampler has a not-robot friendly layout. Instead HT4000L – our flagship LC autosampler – will be able to fit the purpose of a fully automated workflow. By its open-bed design is compatible with most grippers included in plate handler or anthropomorphic robots and of course is compatible with sample presented in SBS format: the gold standard for anyone seriously interested in automation.

HT4000L deck is accessible for your robot so that sample can be conveniently loaded and unloaded. Of course, besides automatic sample loading and unloading, you will need enough solvent and waste capacity. The former is achieved by instructing your robot to load a new solvent reservoir on HT4000L deck; the latter by an “infinite waste“ module through which the autosampler is connected to a waste tank conveniently located on the lab floor.

Furthermore HT4000L supports a wide range of integration options making it very convenient to be integrated into the scheduler software running your fully automated system!

Learn more about HT4000L here