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QTRam Portable Raman spectrometer

The QTRam™ is a portable Transmission Raman Spectrometer from B&WTek USA powered by the patent-pending, award-winning STRaman™ technology that allows for rapid and nondestructive quantitative analysis ideal for blend and content uniformity testing of finished products such as tablets and capsules. The unit can be easily operated using 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software for quantitative analysis on the inbuilt tablet computer, while the portable form factor allows users to use it for at-line analysis or in the lab. Applications: Content uniformity – ensure the dosage uniformity of the API in solid dosage finished product including tablets, capsules, and gels Blend uniformity – assess adequacy of mixing to ensure blend uniformity and homogeneity Formulation development – support QbD initiatives in quantifying API and excipient concentrations in finished dosage forms Counterfeit detection – calculate API quantity to ensure correct drug and correct dosage

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