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Pyrolysis GC with the OPTIC-4

Analytical pyrolysis is used to introduce certain sample types to a gas chromatograph, which can only handle compounds in the semi-volatile range. These types include solids and high molecular-weight compounds. Py-GC is also used to minimize sample preparation, or when analysis of a whole sample is desired. Applications for pyrolysis include forensics, paints, ink, art materials, polymers, adhesives, surfactants, and even microorganisms. One of the benefits of pyrolysis is that sample preparation is usually minimal, consisting of trimming and weighing solid samples into a quartz tube or micro vial. Or, liquid samples can be delivered onto a probe or micro vial using a microliter syringe. In both cases, the sample capacity is in the microgram or low milligram range.

Pyrolysis can be done inside the OPTIC-4 inlet liner for both liquid and solid samples.