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Overhead stirrers with Unique Wi-Fi and USB connectivity

The VELP OHS Advance overhead stirrers are the unique solution allowing you to monitor and control your experiments with Wi-Fi connectivity to the VELP Ermes cloud platform and USB connectivity to your PC.

The OHS Advance Series is a perfect mix of performance and connectivity with powerful brushless DC motors maintaining constant torque at any speed, IP 54 protection rating ensuring maximum resistance, Smartchuck technology for easy stirring shaft adjustment and much more.



The OHS Advance allows the interaction via PC, smartphone, and tablet from the easy-to-use web interface of VELP Ermes.

In Pharma, Biotech and Life Science applications in contamination sensitive environments the IoT technology of OHS Advance avoids the need to go through all the time-consuming hygiene and safety requirements controlling the process with few clicks.

From VELP Ermes is possible to set stirring speed, program a timer, set a method, download and share test reports and much more.


OHS/ControllerSoft SOFTWARE – USB Connectivity
The OHS/CotrollerSoft is the software designed by VELP to offer an alternative to laboratories that have limitations for Wi-Fi connectivity and cannot benefit from VELP cloud based service.

Connect up to four OHS Advance to a PC with a USB to monitor and record speed, torque and temperature data.

Download the connectivity leaflet of the OHS Advance