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New HIC phase available now: BioPro HIC HT!

We are happy to announce that BioPro HIC HT (= high throughput) is available!


  • Especially designed for the analysis of antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs), hence the determination of the drug-to-antibody ration (DAR)
  • Especially developed for very quick runs and high throughput (double the pressure resistance compared to competitors’ – 400 bar)
  • YMC like excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility


  • Particle size: 2.3 µm (smallest on the market)
  • Pore size: non-porous
  • Base particle: polymer (polymethacrylate)
  • Modification: butyl
  • Pressure resistance: 400 bar (highest on the market for polymers)

Download the corresponding flyer.