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New Generation GC deserves New Generation Autosampler

Modern GC operators face constant pressure to improve workflows, efficiency and outcomes. A new generation of GCs has been recently launched in the market to cope with these tough challenges. These new innovative GCs have been effectively designed to improve operator experience, laboratory throughput and business development.

These GCs realize improvement in analytical productivity by space saving and high speed. In fact they stand for the miniaturization of the GC size and installation area (up to 1/3 compared to conventional models) and for the significant reduction of the analysis time (up to halve it). In fact the new concept in oven design delivers significantly faster temperature ramping with reduced cool down time at levels impossible to reach with the previous oven technologies.

An important effort was done also to improve the operation by means of the inclusion of a full color touch screen display, so that any operator can easily operate on the GC system.

The advanced technologies of these GCs allow to reduce utility and maintenance costs often found with conventional GC systems. They feature higher efficiency and lower power consumption (up to half the power normally required) thanks to the innovative heating technology. The GC is always kept always in top operating condition by means of various self-diagnosis tools and intelligent troubleshooting routines to check the more critical elements of the system in real time.

All these efforts to fit the most ambitious goal in gas chromatography would not make sense if they were limited to the GC itself, they must be extended to the whole GC system: these new top GCs require a leading sample introduction system equipment to actually streamline the workflow.

HTA autosamplers are built sharing the same philosophy of these new generation GCs in order to even improve the user experience. Besides the unparalleled robustness and already well-known gold-standard performance, our GC autosamplers, as these new generation GCs, stand for their compactness both in terms of reduced bench footprint and of lower weight too.

Furthermore HTA autosampler – at the same way of the GCs (we have likewise opted for a touch screen display) – are designed to get extreme usability in order to allow an immediate use independently by the user’s skill level and to reduce user training time. Tools for helping in method development are added to further improve the user experience.

As the most innovative GCs, our autosampler are simple to maintain (by means of easy configuration and auto-diagnosis tools) to reduce servicing times to a minimum and to avoid occasional periods of unexpected downtime and also feature a lower cost of ownership.

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