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New Development in HPLC: the fast HPLC concept

Fast-HPLC, using short columns (3 –10 cm) packed with small particles (<3um) and high flow rates have recently become a good strategy to save time and solvent consumption in HPLC.

Many laboratory budgets do not allow the purchase of new UHPLC systems, and workload is constantly growing. Fast LC incorporates the use of faster mobile phase flow rates and smaller particles to obtain compound separations in lower time and with an equivalent resolution to a traditional HPLC system. So Fast HPLC allows running more samples in the same time frame by developing fast methods with the existing HPLC systems in your laboratory.

Anyway, HPLC instrumentation must meet the requirements of higher column backpressure and low instrument dispersion. That’s why we have launched a new version of our LC autosampler, that is specifically designed for FAST-LC applications.