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I protect myself from the „Emission Madness“ in the lab!

S.C.A.T. SafetyCaps enable safe fluid transfer via your HPLC system. All reservoirs and containers remain safely closed even during HPLC operation. Capillaries and tubes are connected gas-proof to the system. At the same time, air interchange takes place without evaporation of toxic and dangerous solvent vapours.
SafetyCaps are especially recommended for HPLC use as they keep your solvent mixtures clean and stable. For maximum laboratory safety, trouble-free HPLC operation and repeatable analytical results, the system comes with various solutions for safe supply and disposal of hazardous liquids.

  • No evaporation
  • No solvent contamination
  • No tubing confusion
  • Easy container exchange
  • No air intake (HPLC)
  • Cost efficiency (save solvent expenses by avoiding evaporation!)

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