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HT1500L: Preparative and Semi-prep LC autosampler

Preparative HPLC is the method of choice for rapid and effective high-purity isolation of substances (from mg to multi-g quantities). Main application fields are the purification of biochemicals for research or clinical trials, the preparation of standards and also the isolation of commercial products such as active pharmaceutical compounds or chemical substances.

Preparative HPLC generally uses similar methods and analogous instrumentation as in analytical HPLC, but the pumps and detectors are designed for larger flow rates. Also, the final aim is different: in analytical HPLC the goal is to get high-quality data while in preparative HPLC the main goal is to get successful substance purification. Semi-preparative HPLC allows instead to purify certain amounts of substances (from microgram to lower-milligram quantities) following analytical identification and represents a link for the successful transition and upscaling from analytical HPLC to the preparative scale.

HT1500L can be configured as both a semi-preparative and a preparative autosampler to perform robust, precise and accurate large-volume injections for fractioning and purification of samples.

For preparative applications, HT1500L can mount loops with volumes up to 30ml. The full-loop injection technique assures high repeatability of the injection and excellent performance. The sample carousel can hold vials up to 40ml to allow a considerable sample loading and a consequent successful purification.

Also, the large solvent capacity and the infinite waste makes HT1500L suitable for semi-prep and preparative HPLC and allows the needle and the whole flow path cleaning before processing the next sample to minimize carryover.

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