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How to reduce the Post-test clean-up of your Dissolution vessel.

It is important that vessels are clean prior to use – this is relevant when using capsules that have sticky coatings. This is necessary for two reasons – there may be contamination of the media which could lead to a high result or the tablet under test may stick to the vessel walls leading to a low result – this tends to show when using prednisone.
Any good laboratory detergent should work well to clean vessels. It can be used with hot water and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with tap water (the hardness does a great job of removing soap residue) followed by a final rinse of purified water. It may also be necessary sometimes to use a towel wetted with methanol to remove really stubborn residues.
The VIP 4400 automates one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the dissolution test: Post-test clean-up. The VIP 4400 dramatically reduces time between tests, increasing the throughput of the dissolution laboratory and reducing costs. It eliminates the tedious process of removing, draining and cleaning dissolution vessels and optionally, the shafts and stirring elements. The VIP 4400 is not only compatible with Distek baths, but almost every other bath on the market.
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