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How to increase the productivity in your preparative processes!

Robust stationary phases
Downstream processing by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography typically requires consecutive injections of feed stock with significant contents of matrix constituents. In order to avoid the buildup of excessive backpressure, the column has to be regularly cleansed of the latter contaminants. Such cleaning-in-place (or CIP) procedures employ elevated pH conditions that place special demands towards the employed stationary phase.

While common silica-based particles are prone to degradation under such conditions and require regular replacement, hybrid silica-based YMC-Triart Prep exhibits excellent stability at high pH ensuring reproducible results and longevity of the column packing. In combination with utmost mechanical robustness as a further quality of such materials, this results in a significant overall increase in productivity and efficiency, avoiding downtimes and additional cost by regular re-packing of columns.

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