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GC fraction collector VPS2800 from GL Sciences

It is possible to collect a certain retention period in a specific cartridge. This period can include one or more peaks, even just part of a peak. The VPS2800 functions by having both a hot and a cold chamber. In the oven, certain retention periods are transferred towards the predefined cartridge. The cartridge sits inside the cold chamber, where the analyte is collected. This chamber can be cooled down to -60 °C, using a Stirling cooling technique. There is no CO2 or LN involved. After analysis, the cartridges can be taken out and flushed with the appropriate solvent.
The purpose of collecting different fractions is so they can be analysed using a different technique (e.g. NMR or UV/VIS). The fractions can also be used for reanalysis on GC/MS.

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