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Efficient incoming inspection for pharmaceutical companies

In the Pharmaceutical industry, quality and quality control are two of the most essential topics. All raw materials entering a factory must be verified confirming that the good supplied really is what is stated on labels etc. This often means opening the containers and bringing samples of the goods into laboratory for testing. This is not only time consuming but also a risk, since containers need to be opened. Having a process for quickly identifying incoming substances without having to open containers or bringing substances into a laboratory is essential for pharmaceutical customers.

Using a Serstech 100 Indicator or Arx+ for incoming inspection is a simple way for an incoming quality control department to save time. Verification can be done where the container is, without having to handle the actual substances and without having to bring substances into a laboratory. Serstech 100 Indicator or Arx+ and ChemDash Pro+ allow the user to create their own substance libraries, which is often requested since pharmaceutical companies are required to show how they prepare and execute all steps of their verification processes.

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