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Don’t buy your gas, make it.

F-DGS generators offer comfort, reliability, economy and safety.
F-DGS hydrogen generators, without maintenance, 16 bars maxi, purity 99,99999%, is ideal for carrier gas, GC-MS and FID applications; Nitrogen generators of technology PSA and membrane enable F-DGS to match applications such as GC, ICP, COT, DEDL, Corona, and LC-MS and are available with/ without integrated air compressor. A combined N2/ air version is available; Zero air generators with or without integrated compressor produce and dry, clean air, without hydrocarbons for GC-FID; Ultra air zero generators, combine air dryer and catalyst to obtain purities of air even higher; Air dryers with/ without CO2 match applications such as FT-IR, NMR, AA, TOC, rheometer.
F-DGS feel confident that they offer the best generators in the market.
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