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Do you want to easily identify the quality of your protein samples?

If you’re following your trusted protocol and getting inconsistent results…

  • Are there impurities causing questionable results?
  • Did you use the right amount of material in your assay?
  • Are your samples properly stored?
  • Is the batch you’re testing similar to the last one?
  • Is your protein even present in your sample prep?
  • Did your protein lose its functional activity?
  • Could it be the salt, pH or buffer that’s affecting your protein?

If you answered yes, then first check the quality of your protein with TYCHO

You work with so many types of samples—some you prepared yourself, some you bought commercially, and others you inherited from someone else. You probably assume that the quality of your sample is good. Likely you don’t even know if the sample you purchased or prepared yourself is similar to the previous batch you tested. You also don’t have an easy way to verify if the sample you inherited is of the right quality.
It’s not until you get to the end of a long drawn out experiment that you discovered something went wrong.
Then comes the need to troubleshoot the problem (which is not fun). Maybe you ended up with a smear on your SDS-PAGE, or you didn’t see a band on your Western. You’re so frustrated that you didn’t detect a signal from your ELISA, or that there was no interaction in your binding assay.
With Tycho, compare the structural integrity or unfolding profile of that new sample prep to your reference sample of the right quality to verify they are similar. If they differ, you may have a sample of lower quality that contains contaminants—this indicates the need to further purify it or optimize your purification workflow. Having confidence that you are working with the highest quality samples all the time, will result in more consistent results.

TEST Similarity



Quickly identify discrepancies between protein batches by comparing to a reference sample





Tycho tells you so much about the quality of your protein — presence, purity, concentration, functionality and similarity — in a single experiment. These can all be measured simply by determining whether your protein is structurally intact or properly folded.

Using only 10 μL of sample, find out the quality of any protein in 3 minutes and make your assay development and purification workflows more efficient.

Furthermore, Tycho will make your life easier in so many processes such as:

-Check for sample presence, amount and purity

-Determine the right buffer recipe for storage or assay development

-Quickly confirm functionality

Watch a helpful video by clicking here

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