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Discover the New HU 6 Hydrolysis unit for Total Fat Determination

We are happy to introduce our new HU 6 Hydrolysis Unit the robust, safe and convenient solution for sample preparation prior to extraction for total fat determination.

The HU 6 ensures conformity with official regulations for the declaration of total fat content and perfectly integrates with VELP Solvent Extraction solutions: SER 158 and SER 148.

The new aluminum heating block ensures fast and precise heating with ± 0.5°C temperature stability and homogeneity;
The aluminum block protection grid provides enhanced heating performance and protects the heating block from splashes and chemicals.
The new interface is intuitive and the digital display ensures maximum visibility with the main information available at a glance.

The HU 6 performs hydrolysis under reproducible and safe conditions, handling 3 or 6 samples simultaneously to maximize productivity.
Faster and enhanced filtration thanks to the vacuum source and the new valves that selectively interrupt the vacuum in each position, speeding up the process and savings operator’s time.
The HU 6 works in perfect combination with the SER 158 automatic solvent extractor and the SER 148 semi-automatic solvent extractor.
The crucible containing the hydrolyzed sample perfectly fits inside VELP Extractors thanks to the crucible holder accessories.