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DataApex Clarity Controls

Controls are software modules that provide an interface with chromatography devices such as GC Chromatographs, HPLC Pumps, Autosamplers or Valves.

Available types of instruments
GCs (p/n A23)
HPLC Systems (p/n A24)
HPLC Pumps (p/n A24)
HPLC Detectors (p/n A24)
PDA Detectors (p/n A24 + p/n A29)
LC-MS Detectors (p/n A38 + p/n A24)
GC-MS Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)
GC-MS TOF Detectors (p/n A37 + p/n A23)
HPLC Other (p/n A24)
GC Accessories (p/n A23)
Autosamplers (p/n A26)
HPLC Autosampler Accessories (p/n A26)
HPLC Column Ovens (p/n A24)
Fraction collectors (p/n A24)
Valves (p/n A24 or A23)
Amino Acid Analyzers
Capillary Electrophoresis (p/n A31)
Balances for Clarity EA Extension (p/n A30)
Other (p/n A24 or A23)