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Better reproducibility of digestion and higher sensitivity with the SMART Digest kits

The SMART Digest kit provides significant improvements in reproducibility over existing protocols, which results in fewer sample failures, higher throughput and the ability to more easily interrogate data.
This allows for reproducible results user-to-user, day-to-day and lab-to-lab. The UV chromatogram below shows overlay from three separate SMART digestions from the same mAb, conducted by three individual operators, with retention time RSD’s of 0.024%.

THERMO_Smart Digest_Reproducibility

Additionally the SMART Digest kit can provide higher sequence coverage due to more efficient digestion and the reduced number of chemicals used, resulting in less ion suppression during LC-MS analysis. The reduced use of chemicals also decreases the number of chemically-induced post-translational modifications.
The mass spectrometry (MS) peak area response comparison below shows how Thyroglobulin, digested using the SMART Digest kit, provides higher levels of sensitivity compared to a standard in-solution digest. In addition to this the SMART Digest protocol took two hours compared to twenty hours for the in-solution protocol.

THERMO_Smart Digest_Sensitivity

For more information about SMART Digest kits watch the video below: