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ARALAB FITOCLIMA Tissue Culture Cabinets

FitoClima Bio chambers provide the control and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of researchers and research requirements through time.

ARALAB is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing of high quality climatic chambers and controlled environment rooms.
Since 1985 we have been perfecting ways to create and control temperature, humidity, light, air flow and many other environmental conditions.
Only the highest quality components are used to manufacture our chambers so customers can have the best equipment for their research and testing purposes.
Control the environment, your own climate.

Ready to use. No assembly needed
Minimal footprint for efficient use of laboratory space
Adaptive future proof design, with easily removable and height adjustable shelves and changeable light canopies with multiple intensities
Wide temperature and humidity working ranges
Research protection, with configurable high / low temperature and humidity alarms and automatic remote notifications
Stainless steel interior for maximum durability and easiness of cleaning
Multiple lighting options to suite any research requirements and stages of plant development

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