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Analytical Technologies in Vaccine Development and Viral Therapeutics

published in Thermo Scientific AnalyteGuru™ Blog, by Dr. Timothy Cross

This field of vaccine research, development and manufacture of viral therapeutics has not received the attention it has warranted in the past, presumably as higher returns from other therapeutic areas have taken priority, however, this is changing. In this article, Dr. Timothy Cross will look at how analytical technologies are, and can be, used for the design and manufacture of vaccines, but also into the research of potential therapeutics.
In summary, at each stage of the vaccine and therapeutic production workflow, there is a requirement for analytical technologies. The burden falls mainly to (U)HPLC and LC-MS, but even here, there are many different choices to make as to the appropriate HPLC instrumentation, chemistries and mass spectrometry system. When coupled with other approaches such as genomics, then you have a powerful suite of tools for fast and effective vaccine and therapeutics research and development.

You can read the full article here.