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Acclaim HPLC Columns

Broad range of HPLC and UHPLC columns for challenging separation needs

General-purpose RP
Separate complex samples with high surface area columns (C18, etc)
120 C18, 300 C18, 120 C8, Polar Advantage, Polar Advantage II, Phenyl-1, C30

Retain multiple types of analytes on a single column
Mixed-Mode WAX-1, Mixed-Mode WCX-1, Mixed-Mode HILIC-1, Trinity P1, Trinity P2

Unique columns for specific applications: surfactants, organic acids, pesticides, aminoglycosides, explosive residues
Trinity Q1, Organic acid, Surfactant Plus, AmG C18, Explosives E2, Carbamate, Carbonyl

Designed for the separation of polar compounds
Mixed-Mode HILIC-1, HILIC-10

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