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A quantum leap in pesticide analysis – NEW GC PestiMix

NEW Smart Solutions™ PestiMix
now available

Featuring the largest mix of pesticide analytes to be found anywhere on the market, the PestiMix kits combines 745 analytes for liquid chromatography (LC) and 431 analytes for gas chromatography (GC) in just five ampoules.

New for 2021 and seven years in the making, the GC PestiMix V400 kit combines 431 analytes, reducing the time for by 8 times! Your time is precious, but so are your results.

Designed for optimal elution and maximum stability to use with your triple quadrupole GC/MS or high-resolution GC/MS, this product is the first of its kind.

431 analytes. 30 minutes. Maximum results.

Discover GC PestiMix V400

LC PestiMix V700 Kit

A quantum leap in pesticide analysis  

The Dr. Ehrenstorfer Smart Solutions™ v700 LC PestiMix Kit is the largest mix of pesticides in a single kit – 745 analytes.

Together the V400 GC and V700 LC kits screen over 900 analytes within an hour.

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