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A brief introduction to European Standard EN14470-1

The European standard EN 14470-1 refers to cabinets freely positioned and to wall-mounted cabinets for the storage of inflammables.
All CHEMISAFE cabinet models have undergone a destructive test in a fire room performed in an independent accredited laboratory.

The wall of the cabinet must be positioned in the fire room at a distance of 100 mm from the wall. The fire resistance of the cabinet must be validated by the destructive test of an identical model.
Possible reductions in the dimensions of the cabinet tested:

  • Height and width max. 100 mm
  • Depth max. 150 mm

The temperature increase inside the cabinet should not exceed 180 K or 200 °C. According to the time taken to reach this temperature, the cabinet will be classified as Type 15, 30, 60 or 90 min. These different flammability classes allow leaving sufficient time for the staff to leave the laboratory and for the firefighters to get in before the stored flammable products may cause fire.
Each CHEMISAFE cabinet model has passed the compliance control according to standard EN14470-1 and it has the certificates of tests carried out by Bureau Veritas (BV).


The cabinet doors must close automatically in case of fire.
The side and rear walls must have the same construction and the same thickness.
On the other hand, the requirements of the standard cover the cabinet construction itself and its capacity to withstand external fire conditions (fire tests carried out according to ISO 834-1 [1] and EN 1363-1).
The tray volume must contain: at least 110 % of the volume of the largest container stored in the cabinet or 10 % of the total volume stored.

The cabinets must be equipped with suitable signals: standard pictograms complying with ISO 3864 (inflammables), maximum load per shelf, fire resistance of the model (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes).

For obvious safety reasons (fire, corrosion, intoxication…), all the high or low flammables must be handled and stored in fireproof cabinets (fire resistance of 90 minutes) certified according to standard EN14470-1.
CHEMISAFE opted for the maximum safety by offering a complete range of fire-resistant cabinets TYPE 90 minutes.
The cabinet construction, the automatic closing of the doors (present on all our models), the thermo-expanding seals and the fire dampers ensure the cabinet containment for 90 minutes and a maximum protection of the people.

A use according to the regulations
A maximum use safety
A certification documentation identifying the safety cabinet (traceability)