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Using BioTek’s Gen5 to Analyze Cell Death in Zebrafish Embryos

Abstract: Ethanol exposure during development can have devastating effects on the fetus. In this study we use zebrafish, an excellent model to study both normal development and toxicity, in order to determine the effects of ethanol exposure during development. Zebrafish embryos were treated with ethanol during the first 24 hours of development and the effects of ethanol treatment on cell death was assessed using acridine orange staining. We found that exposure of embryos to ethanol results in a dose-dependent increase in cell death overall in the embryo.


Figure 5. Cell death in zebrafish embryos increases in a dose dependent manner after treatment with ethanol as shown by AO fluorescence. Embryos treated with 0 (A), 0.1 (B) or 0.3 (C) percent ethanol are shown. Image masks were created around each embryo and the integral of AO fluorescence for each embryo was calculated using Gen5 software. (D) The integral of AO fluorescence goes up in a dose dependent manner, with 0.1 and 0.3 percent ethanol treatment both significantly higher than the control (*p<0.05).


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