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*Did you know?* #Coronavirus cannot travel alone!

Coronavirus has an average size of 0.1micron. However, in reality, coronavirus can be transferred with a host such as droplets from a sneeze, cough or even while speaking. These droplets are up to 10 microns (PM10) or even larger.

Wearing N95 #facemask provides full protection since N95 filters have a collection efficiency of at least 95% when tested against nonoil particles (e.g., NaCl) having a count median diameter (CMD) of 75nm ± 20 nm which is 0.0075micron. However, regular #surgeonmask can protect us any size of droplets too. So, let’s leave N95 masks to doctors, paramedics and medical staff. And put your masks on at all times! Stay safe!


coronavirus size comparison