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Learn more about cell-based assays, download the Agilent Live Cell Imaging Application Compendiums

Live cell microscopy is an essential tool in the life sciences toolbox. Kinetic microscopy provides invaluable insights into cellular behavior that are elusive or impossible to evaluate through endpoint measures. Furthermore, many cellular processes fluctuate on timescales that are simply too short for reasonable accommodation in endpoint assays.

Agilent BioTek imaging and microscopy instruments, along with Gen5 software, are capable of automating a broad range of application workflows. Below, you’ll find recent application compendiums that cover both conceptual and practical considerations for successful live cell imaging investigations that leverage the combination of Agilent BioTek’s imaging instruments and software.

Featured Application Compendiums

Live Cell Proliferation and Viability
Widefield Microscopy as a Screening Tool for 3D Cell Culture
Kinetic Fluorescence Live Cell Assays
Histology and Slide Scanning for Light Microscopy

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