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Image-based Kinetic Analysis of Cell Proliferation and Cell Death Mechanisms

Cytation 7 Enables Analysis of Cell Proliferation

Aberrant cell proliferation and evasion of cell death are well established hallmarks of cancer. Understanding how cells overcome endogenous barriers to cancer development and respond to cancer therapeutics requires assays that deliver detailed quantitative results.

The kinetic cell proliferation and cell death assay described here utilizes both label-free cell counts and fluorescence markers for apoptosis and necrosis to generate cell proliferation profiles and relative rates of cell death in real time.

In the example presented below, the automated, image-based assay was used to monitor proliferation and cell death of fibrosarcoma cancer cells responding to multiple anti-neoplastic drugs within the 384-well microplate format.

Label-free high contrast cell counting method.

The high contrast brightfield imaging method available with Cytation enables label-free cell counting for kinetic live cell assays. VIEW APP NOTE

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