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Histology H&E- Cytation is Ready for Any Assay

Histology is typically performed on fixed tissue samples using upright microscopes equipped with oculars. The Cytation™ Multi-Mode Reader provides automated digital imaging of these samples using color brightfield microscopy. Low to high magnifications (from 1.25x to 60x) can be combined with Cytation Gen5™ image processing features such as image stitching to increase field of view.

The example below summarizes an assay that utilizes color brightfield imaging to analyze H&E stained tissue. Hematoxylin dye targets nucleic acids with a brilliant blue color, while eosin targets proteins with a pink color. This dye combination produces the classical tissue coloration of stained paraffin embedded tissue that can be viewed using color brightfield microscopy.



Capture: Montage array of overlaying yet separate images made using 60x air objective.






Process: Stitched 60x color brightfield image montage.






Analyze: Visual comparison of (A) normal and (B) diseased kidney tissue.





Publish: The use of multiple objectives at different magnifications allows for both macro- and micro-analysis of color brightfield specimens.



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