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BioTek technologies: RAD Technology

BioTek’s MultiFlo™ FX Multi-Mode Dispenser incorporates up to two peristaltic pump dispensers and two syringe pump dispensers, to provide rapid dispensing of up to four reagents at a time. The dispense volume range of 500 nL to 30,000 µL/well offers great versatility for a wide range of dispensing workflows. The innovative RAD (Random Access Dispensing) option brings increased functionality to the dispenser – its single channel design allows rapid, custom-mapped dispensing to discrete wells on the microplate (Figures 1a and 1b below) and rapid high volume dispensing to lower density microplates (Figure 2 below).

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Existing MultiFlo FX dispensers are modular and can be upgraded to add the RAD module, which uses one of the peristaltic pumps for accuracy and speed. 

Drawing shows a MultiFlo FX fully configured with RAD dispenser

Drawing shows a MultiFlo FX fully configured with RAD dispenser (inset shows 8- to 1- bulk reagent tip)

RAD Technology Benefits:

  • Rapid dispense to random or contiguous wells of a plate, ideal for optimizing experimental design.
  • Import custom plate maps in *.CSV format for use with RAD to facilitate many applications, including nucleic acid and protein concentration normalization
  • Cost effectiveness:  The single channel dispenser can work with volumes as low as 500 nL and uses very low prime volumes, to save on reagent costs.
  • Bulk reagent dispensing of up to 30,000 µL/well to large well geometries for convenience and versatility.


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